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The Centre

The YuMi Deadly Centre (YDC) is a research centre located within the Faculty of Education at QUT. The Centre was formed in 2009 and officially opened in March 2010.

YDC is dedicated to enhancing the learning of all students to improve their opportunities for further education, training and employment, and to equip them for lifelong learning.


News and events

2017 YDC Sharing Summit: Engage learners, enjoy teaching, grow communities

30–31 October 2017

Call for abstracts: if you are a participant in a YDC project and would like to present at the summit, we would love to hear from you!

Sharing Summit information for YDC project participants


If you would like to attend the summit to learn more about how to engage learners, enjoy teaching and grow communities through YuMi Deadly Maths, we would love to see you there!

Sharing Summit information for external organisations


Registrations are now open for presenters and other attendees through the YDC Sharing Summit registration site.

Watch the 2016 Sharing Summit highlights video