Semester 2, 2017




18–20 July

PRIME Futures Cluster 3 PD3

Townsville, North Qld

24–26 July

PRIME Futures Cluster 4 PD3

North Brisbane

15–17 August

YDM North Queensland PD

Townsville, North Qld

13–14 September

PRIME Futures Cluster 6 PD3

Adelaide, SA

18–20 September

PRIME Futures Cluster 5 PD3

Port Lincoln, SA

30–31 October

YDC Sharing Summit

QUT Kelvin Grove

2017 YDC Sharing Summit

YuMi Deadly Maths is a unique pedagogical approach developed by QUT's YuMi Deadly Centre to improve capacity to teach mathematics. It brings maths alive, putting fun and enjoyment back into learning and teaching maths, which in turn leads to strong learning communities. In the words of one Year 4 student at a YDM school: "At the start of the year ... everyone hated maths. But now ... with YuMi Deadly Maths, it's just awesome, it's fun, it's energetic! It's like games and learning!" Teachers enjoy it too: "YuMi has given me back a passion for maths, for teaching maths and for working with all students to love learning maths."

The YDC Sharing Summit brings together education practitioners from YDC projects across Australia to share best practice and their experiences with YuMi Deadly Maths. YDC mathematics projects cover general pedagogy, enrichment and extension, remediation, acceleration and special education. You are invited to attend the summit to learn more about how to engage learners, enjoy teaching and grow communities through YuMi Deadly Maths.

Sharing Summit information for YDC project participants

Sharing Summit information for external organisations


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