Evidence of effectiveness

YuMi Deadly Centre projects gather and analyse many forms of data which provide evidence of the effectiveness of YuMi Deadly Maths. We also receive anecdotal evidence from schools involved in YDC projects about how the program is working to improve mathematics outcomes in these schools.

This page provides a selection of information and data about the effectiveness of programs based on YuMi Deadly Maths. The following document provides a brief overview:

YDC Programs: Quality Mathematics Teaching

Impact evaluation report

The following report summarises the impact of YuMi Deadly Maths across 2010 to 2016:

YDC Impact Evaluation Report Summary March 2017

For more detail, the full impact evaluation report is also available:

YDC Impact Evaluation Report March 2017

NAPLAN results

NAPLAN results for YDM schools 2011-2015


Laurie Shepherd, Principal, Victoria Park State School:

"The school has been collaborating with Professor Cooper and the QUT YuMi Deadly Centre on YuMi Deadly Maths projects since 2012. Victoria Park State School has a whole school improvement focus of raising students' performance in numeracy. Implementing the YuMi Deadly Maths project has enabled the school to build the capacity, knowledge and skills of school staff in the teaching of maths."


Selwyn Button, Assistant Director-General, Indigenous Education, Queensland Department of Education (2014)


Denise Kostowski, Principal, Spinifex State College (2013)


Martin Howell, Teacher, Dakabin State High School (2015)



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