Partnerships and support

The YuMi Deadly Centre bases its projects around partnerships with educational systems and organisations, built around collaborations designed to benefit mathematics teaching and learning within these organisations. This is achieved predominantly through action and design research, with participating teachers trialling and modifying YDM approaches and resources for mathematics teaching and learning.

YDC highly values its partnerships with educational and government organisations, regions and schools that have an interest in supporting its research and improving learning outcomes for all students. YDC is guided by an advisory committee comprising representatives from some of our partner organisations.

Partnering with YDC

YDC actively seeks and encourages new partnerships with government agencies, non-profit organisations, youth sector agencies, private enterprise and other organisations. There are several ways to establish a partnership with the YuMi Deadly Centre:

  • partner with us on a research grant application
  • invest in one of our existing research and training projects
  • work with us to develop a project specifically tailored to your situation
  • engage YDC researchers to undertake commercial research or consultancy work
  • support YDC financially or in kind to extend its capacity to undertake research and development.

To find out more, please contact us. You can also consult our Projects pages for more information about our YuMi Deadly Maths research projects.

Supporting YDC

YDC welcomes funding support for either its core business or for individual projects, structured around one-of-a-kind support or ongoing partnerships. Support can be tailored for the individual needs of the funding partner. YDC works closely with QUT's philanthropy and corporate engagement people to meet the governance needs of financial supporters and partners.

Philanthropic funding would allow YDC to have the flexibility to fund specific projects both short and long term, seed trials or pilot studies for attracting additional support from government sources, or fund scholarships for higher degree research.

If you are interested in helping to support YDC, please contact us, so we can discuss your situation and preferences.

YDC Advisory Committee

As an official QUT research centre, albeit a small one, the YuMi Deadly Centre is guided by an advisory committee chaired by the Executive Dean of Education. The YDC Advisory Committee is composed of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous representatives from education systems and industry groups. The committee meets annually to discuss issues relating to YDC's projects and overall governance.

The table below shows the current external membership of the YDC Advisory Committee.

Name Organisation 
Ms Sophie Ader Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
Mr Kieran Benfield Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment
Mr Bruce Fyfe Construction Skills Queensland
Dr Ernie Grant Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment
Mr Bob Knight Queensland Catholic Education Commission
Ms Ellen Larsen Independent Schools Queensland
Mr Andrew McMahon Playgroup Queensland
Mr Colin Saltmere Myuma Pty Ltd, Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation
Mrs Dorothy Savage James Cook University
Mr Ron Weatherall Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships



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