The YuMi Deadly Centre undertakes research in a way that benefits the researched, using action or design-based research methodologies (see Research approach). In order to provide this type of research efficiently and with evidence of research outcomes, YDC employs staff in three broad categories:

  • academic researchers – university academic staff, from early career researchers to professors, who understand the theoretical basis for YDC research projects and can disseminate the results of this research to the wider community
  • research associates – experienced educational practitioners who understand the realities of the modern classroom and can meet the needs of teachers and students in YDC projects
  • infrastructure staff – administrators and researchers who can assist with gathering, collating and analysing data, preparing materials and resources, completing research administration tasks, and communicating with key stakeholders.

YDC is proud of the quality of its staff. In 2010 and again in 2016, the YDC team received the QUT Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in recognition of exceptional sustained performance and outstanding achievement in learning and teaching, research, partnerships and engagement, innovation and creative practice, and leadership.

Academic researchers

Photo of Prof Tom Cooper

Professor Tom Cooper

YDC Director and Lead Researcher

Tom is Professor of Mathematics Education and Director of the YuMi Deadly Centre in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. Tom has been working in mathematics education since 1976, working with schools since 1979 and supervising higher degrees since 1986. He was Head of the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education at QUT from 1991 to 2005 and since then has focused on research, co-founding the YuMi Deadly Centre with Associate Professor Annette Baturo in 2009. He has been Chief Investigator in over $14 million of research grants and has a passion for understanding and improving mathematics teaching and learning in schools containing Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, immigrant, refugee and low-SES students. He has particular interests in algebra learning, teacher change, social justice and mathematics pedagogy.

Photo of Dr Grace Sarra

Associate Professor Grace Sarra

Lead Researcher
School change and community engagement

Grace is an Associate Professor in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education and a Lead Researcher with the YuMi Deadly Centre. Born and raised in Townsville, Grace is of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. She has been teaching in schools and universities for over 20 years. Her interests are in Indigenous education with a particular focus on school change and leadership, teaching pedagogy, social justice and inclusive education. Grace is a member of a number of national committees and Boards that focus on improving education and employment and life chances for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Photo of Adjunct Professor Rod Nason

Adjunct Professor Rod Nason

Rod Nason is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. Rod's areas of research interest are: (1) computer support for teaching and learning in STEM, (2) in-service education of STEM teachers, (3) computer support for collaborative learning in STEM, (4) numeracy education in prisons, (5) robotics in STEM education, and (6) STEM education of Indigenous and low-SES students. Rod's research has been supported by many research grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC). His research has involved collaborations with top international research teams in Canada and the USA.

Photo of Professor Lyn English

Professor Lyn English

Lead Researcher

Lyn is internationally recognised for her extensive research and publications in mathematics education and in STEM, spanning Preschool through to Year 10. Her areas of research include engineering education and STEM education, mathematical modelling, problem solving and posing, statistics education, mathematical reasoning and development, and early computational thinking and coding. Lyn's research has been supported by many grants from the Australian Research Council, and she was awarded the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Career Research Medal in 2012, and the Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research in 2015.

Photo of Dr David Nutchey

Dr David Nutchey

Academic Researcher

David is a Lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership, after beginning his career as a software engineer for a large multi-national semiconductor manufacturer. In that role, he not only developed the technical skills and understanding necessary to create complex software, but also developed a passion for learning and for creating environments in which others could learn. David's main research interest is the modelling of knowledge and understanding in mathematics. This is paralleled by his teaching activity that spans the disciplines of Science, Mathematics and engineering-based Design and Technology, with a particular interest in the development of integrated maths-science curriculum for the middle years of education.

Research associates

Photo of Ms Kim Alexander

Kim Alexander

Senior Research Associate

Kim began her teaching career in Victoria where she held a variety of teaching roles and was responsible for writing and delivering the Teacher Aide and Integration Aide courses at Chisholm Institute of Technology. Kim has been Head of Special Education at Kingston, Waterford West, and Beenleigh State Schools. In 2011 Kim was trained in YuMi Deadly Maths as part of the TIME project and began school-wide implementation of YDM at Beenleigh. In 2012 the school became a Centre for Excellence in YDM, hosting teachers from local and international schools. Kim joined YDC in 2015 to share her extensive knowledge and experience in Special Education and in improving maths teaching and learning using YDM.

Photo of Ms Robyn Anderson

Robyn Anderson

Senior Research Associate

Robyn has taught in the early years, primary and secondary. She has been a Mathematics Curriculum Officer and Principal Project Officer in Education Queensland, working in joint government and university research projects, development of educational curriculum, assessment and national testing policy and strategy, mathematics curriculum leadership and training, and developing mentoring and coaching strategies in schools. Robyn has a passion for teacher professional learning and working within an adult learning model. She joined YDC in 2013 and brings her extensive teaching experience, curriculum knowledge, facilitation, mentoring and coaching skills to contribute to the ongoing development of YuMi Deadly Maths programs.

Photo of Dr Merilyn Carter

Dr Lyn Carter

Senior Research Associate

Lyn began her career in the Australian Public Service before teaching secondary mathematics for 15 years, including as a Head of Department (Mathematics). In 2011 she established her own consultancy business, Count on Numeracy, where she worked with schools and teachers in mathematical literacy, numeracy and the preparation of students for NAPLAN numeracy testing. Lyn completed a PhD at QUT in 2015, receiving an Outstanding Thesis Award for her research into Year 9 NAPLAN numeracy testing in three Queensland secondary schools. Lyn joined YDC in 2015 to share her expertise in mathematics pedagogy, teacher professional development, the 'big ideas' of mathematics, numeracy, standardised testing, and literacy in mathematics.

Download Lyn Carter's CV

Photo of Mrs Janet Cavanagh

Janet Cavanagh

Senior Research Associate

Jan has over four decades of experience teaching in New Zealand and Australia at secondary and primary levels, and was mathematics adviser at the Inala Support Centre, mentoring teachers and schools. In this role she promoted resourceful hands-on activities and developed a passion for ensuring maths made sense to all learners. Through her consultancy business, Making Sense of Maths, Jan inspired teachers to teach for understanding, for both themselves and their students. Jan devised the 'Maths Mat' to promote deeper understanding through meaningful physical activities and in 2013 was presented with a BH Neumann award for 'significant contribution to the enrichment of Maths learning in Australia'. Jan has been working with YDC since 2010, with her extensive experience enabling her to work across systems and at any level.

Photo of Ms Edlyn Grant

Edlyn Grant

Senior Research Associate

After a varied early career, Edlyn graduated from the Bachelor of Education (Primary) at QUT in 2004 with a major in Technology, First Class Honours and the University Medal. Subsequent work included supply teaching, assisting with education support programs for literacy and numeracy in Years 4-6, research assistant work, and sessional lecturing and tutoring at QUT. In 2014 Edlyn completed a Master of Education majoring in Teaching in Higher Education and her work as a sessional staff member in the School of Early Childhood was recognised with a Vice-Chancellor's Performance Award for Sessional Staff. Edlyn has worked with YDC in various roles since its inception in 2009 and is a highly valued member of the team.

Photo of Dr Judy Hartnett

Dr Judy Hartnett

Senior Research Associate

Judy has worked in roles relating to mathematics education since 1995, including as an Education Adviser in Education Queensland and more recently with Brisbane Catholic Education working with teachers to develop maths content and pedagogy and apply this to their classrooms. Prior to this work Judy was a primary classroom teacher and has taught the full range of primary year levels including a year as Principal at a one-teacher school. She has also contributed to the development of mathematics education publications for teachers. Judy has been working with YDC as an expert YDM practitioner since 2012.

Photo of MR Jim Lowe

Jim Lowe

Senior Research Associate

Jim joined the YDC team in 2014 after 26 years as Head of Department (Mathematics) at Redcliffe State High School and 36 years in total teaching in state high schools. He is currently President of the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers and has served on the executive committee for many years. Jim has a passion for using the technology of the day to enhance students' learning of mathematics. He is an accredited national trainer with Texas Instruments Australia and has expertise in online learning, teaching mathematics incorporating technology, problem-solving in mathematics, teacher professional development and mentoring, and teaching mathematics in real-life contexts.

Photo of MR Jim Lowe

Susan Melloy

Research Officer

Sue has 25 years of experience as a secondary mathematics teacher in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Since 2014 Sue has been a sessional tutor in secondary mathematics education at QUT. Sue has expertise in mathematics pedagogy, ICTs in mathematics, numeracy, disposition to mathematics, and writing and delivery of course material for pre-service teachers that enhances their own and their future students' understanding and engagement. Sue has been working with YDC since mid-2016 to develop and deliver an online Junior Secondary Mathematics Program for the Department of Education and Training to train out-of-field teachers of junior secondary mathematics.

Infrastructure Staff

Photo of Ms Gillian Farrington

Gillian Farrington

Research Administration and Project Development Officer

Gillian has worked in QUT research projects since 2002, following an early career in sales, marketing, human resources and business administration. She has a Diploma in Project Management and leads the YDC team managing the Centre's research project administration. Gillian has managed over $13.5 million in research funding since 2009 and received a Vice-Chancellor's Performance Award in 2015.

Photo of Ms Charlotte Cottier

Charlotte Cottier

Research Executive Officer and PA to YDC Director

Charlotte has worked in administrative roles at QUT since 2003 and in research projects since 2005, following an early career in business administration. She completed a Master of Arts in Editing and Publishing in 2013 and qualified as an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors in 2012. Her role in YDC includes executive support for the YDC Director and editorial management of YDC materials, publications and website.

Photo of Mrs Anne McIntyre

Anne McIntyre

Research Administration Assistant

Photo of Ms Chelsea Meyrick

Chelsea Meyrick

Research Administration Assistant

Chelsea joined the YDC team in 2015 and works at the YDC reception desk. Chelsea graduated from Year 12 in 2013 and has a Certificate III in Business Administration and a Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technologies. Chelsea's administrative and office skills assist in the smooth running of YDC.

Photo of Mr Alexander Stuetz

Dr Alexander Stuetz

Senior Research Assistant

Alex has been involved in many large and small-scale YDC projects since 2010, mainly responsible for research, data and systems management. In 2011, Alex was awarded QUT's Engagement Innovation Grant, allowing him to implement a maths-music project (JAMATHS) which combined both his passion for music and the real-life application of mathematics. Before joining YDC, Alex was involved in both international and medical education, and in 2016 he completed a PhD which combined his experiences in these areas. Alex manages the data and research of YDC projects and is involved in the design and implementation of online mathematics teaching and learning.

Photo of Ms Lindy Sugars

Lindy Sugars

Senior Research Assistant

Lindy graduated as a primary school teacher in 1976 and taught in metropolitan schools for 13 years. Her interest in local history led her to study for a Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies - Local and Applied History through the University of New England in 1988, following which she studied for a Graduate Diploma in Education - Early Childhood at QUT. Lindy has been working as a research assistant in mathematics projects at QUT since 1998, including co-authoring articles and a book, Mathematics for Young Minds: Data and Chance. Lindy joined YDC in 2012 and uses her research and administrative skills to assist with many projects.


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