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YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM) Teacher Professional Learning (PL) program

Program contacts: Tom Cooper, Bron Ewing, Grace Sarra, Guy Constable, Judy Hartnett, Robyn Anderson, Gillian Farrington

The form of YDM used in teacher PL is the underlying form of the program. It is a unique mathematics program developed across 2010–12 to improve the capacity of Years PP to 9 school teachers to teach mathematics. It aims for the highest level of mathematics understanding, through activity that engages students, and involves parents and community. Originally designed for Indigenous students, the program has been successfully adapted to low SES students and mainstream schools. With a focus on how to teach, an emphasis on big ideas and connecting mathematics topics, and a special pedagogy that starts and ends with students' reality, it is effective for all students. The YDM program follows the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and fits in with or extends many existing projects and teaching approaches (e.g. First Steps).

Participants in projects based on this program receive professional learning in mathematics, mathematics pedagogy and general lesson management. The program aims to empower teachers to be able to prepare their own lessons that are effective in mathematics learning.

Information on the program is included on the Teach Learn Share website of the Australian Government Department of Education.

YuMi deadly mathematics professional learning on Teach Learn Share website


In 2010–12, as part of the government-funded TIME project, the program was delivered to Queensland Years PP to 3 primary teachers in 2010, Years 4 to 7 primary teachers in 2011, and junior secondary (Years 7 to 9) teachers in 2012, with over 102 schools participating altogether. In 2012, more than 15 further schools also began the program as part of QUT's equity program to improve the number of low income school students attending university, and 12 Victorian schools began the program. It has been effective in improving student attendance, engagement and performance; and in empowering teachers to go beyond their training and take control of planning and designing their own sequences of mathematics lessons. In 2013, the program was implemented in more than 25 primary schools in both Victoria and Queensland, funded by the schools themselves. The program is now available in 2013 and beyond to be delivered to any Australian primary or secondary school in face-to-face form, with online delivery presently under development for 2014. The YDM program has been seen by many schools as an investment that can offer sustainability and enhanced mathematics outcomes.

Basics and extras

The basic YDM program is provided across two years in a package of professional learning materials and support. The basic two-year training consists of the following four components:

  • professional learning comprising 2 days of principal and 12 days of train-the-trainer workshops for 4 teachers per school face-to-face or online (depending on school needs)
  • resource booklets comprising Overview (covering philosophy, pedagogy, school change and leadership), Number, Operations, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability
  • online support through website repository of ideas and exemplar lessons, help desk, video conferencing, and discussion forum
  • action-research training and opportunities to undertake QUT higher degrees within the program.

The basic YDM training provides all that is needed to improve capacity to teach mathematics and enhance mathematics engagement and learning outcomes for students. However, if desired, schools can invest in additional support beyond the basic program. This can include having extra teachers attend the training, in-school support through visits from YDM experts, after-school PD sessions with all staff, and so on.

Online training

YDC is committed to delivering our training programs online to better meet the needs of project schools, especially those located in rural and remote Queensland and interstate. To this end, we have established a QUT Blackboard community site, YuMi Deadly Maths Professional Learning Online. This site contains:

  • information about the YDM program
  • online YDM course for teachers
  • support for facilitators/presenters in schools
  • ways for teachers to interact with each other and reflect on how YDM works in their school.

At present, we are loading an online training course for YDM onto this site. This course is packaged as a selection of key topic areas which may be worked through sequentially or as needed according to teaching focus at the time. When completed, each topic area will contain the following:

  • link to YDM booklet
  • PowerPoint presentations containing course information
  • offline activities for the classroom
  • suggestions for staff reflection and discussions
  • online discussion forums
  • additional resources including activity masters and recommended online links
  • a facility to enable sharing of teacher found/created resources and ideas.

YuMi Deadly Maths Professional Learning Online is a secure site that is only available to participants in YDC projects. Please contact us for further information.

YDM extension

The YuMi Deadly Maths extension is part of YDC's efforts to make YDM training sustainable. Schools that have completed YDM professional learning can have access to the YDM Blackboard community site and therefore get the latest books, and use the online training course and help desk to continue to train new teachers in YDM. Participants in projects based on this program will be provided with resources to maintain training in YDM as new teachers arrive.

YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM) Mentoring Mathematics Coaches program

Program contacts: Bron Ewing, Robyn Anderson

This program uses YDM as a context for working with coaches and enabling them to work in their schools improving the capacity of their teachers to effectively teach mathematics. The focus of this program is the mentoring and studying what actions of the mentor are effective in improving coaching. The YDM program provides a model of teaching that the coaches use in their work with the teachers in their schools. Participants in projects based on this program receive mentoring that enables them to better perform their role as a mathematics coach



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