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About YuMi Deadly Centre research projects

YuMi Deadly Centre (YDC) research projects are designed to enhance the learning of all students, particularly Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, minority and low SES students, in a manner that is culturally empowering, builds pride and positive identity, and sustains community links.

YDC researchers work with principals, teachers, teacher aides, parents and key community members, in schools, TAFEs and communities. We aim to be of benefit to these people, and the students in their programs, while we undertake our research projects, through providing opportunities for learning. The projects develop, trial, evaluate and refine practices aimed at improving learning, thereby improving employment and life chances.

All YDC projects operate in collaboration with the education industry (systems, regions, schools, TAFEs) and with businesses and industries with a stake in education. The education industry and these other stakeholders are interested in a sound theoretical framework and want practical change that brings about enhanced learning. YDC projects can provide this change. YDC projects are also requests from communities; the research begins and ends with the needs of communities. This approach is reflected in YDC's vision: Growing community through education.

YDC projects are based on a special pedagogy for teaching and learning mathematics called YuMi Deadly Maths (YDM). Participants in YDC projects receive professional development in mathematics, mathematics pedagogy and general lesson management as part of the following four components included in all projects:

  • professional development workshops for principals, administrators and key teachers/teacher aides
  • resource books and other materials to support teaching
  • online support including YDM learning modules and discussion forum
  • action-research training.

YDC projects can be delivered to any Australian primary or secondary school in face-to-face form, with the online support delivered through QUT Blackboard community sites. YDC projects are an investment offering sustainability and enhanced mathematics outcomes.

Overview of current YDC projects

YDC projects are grouped into four broad categories:

Within these categories, YDC projects are classified into seven types:

Professional Learning

Student Learning

Vocational Learning

The table below summarises all current YDC projects by category and type. For more detail about each project, click on the links in the table, or navigate to the projects using the category headings on the left of this page.

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Project type

Project name

Professional Learning YDM Teacher Development Training YuMi Deadly Maths training
  • YDM Centres for Excellence
  • YDM North Queensland (NQ)
  • YDM Special Schools (SS)
  • YDM Toowoomba
PRIME Futures Program PRIME Futures
  • PRIME Futures Cluster 1: Emerald/Blackwater region
  • PRIME Futures Cluster 2: Townsville
  • PRIME Futures Clusters 3 to 6
  • PRIME Futures Clusters 7 to 10
Student Learning YDM Accelerated Learning ARC Linkage XLR8 Maths
Accelerated Inclusive Mathematics (AIM)
Accelerated Inclusive Mathematics (AIM) Early Years
YDM Enrichment and Extension Mathematicians in Training Initiative (MITI) Metropolitan
YDM Integrated YDM Integrated Secondary Schools (YDM ISS/ISM)
Vocational Learning YDM Vocational Education and Training (VET) No current projects
YDM Context-Based Learning No current projects
Community Learning


No current projects

Please contact us for information about how to become involved in a YDC project.


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