YDM Vocational Education and Training (VET)

YDM VET projects use the YDM approach as a basis for developing insights into how to teach the mathematics necessary for certification for Indigenous VET students in senior years of schooling and in TAFEs. Failure to meet the mathematics requirement of their trade has prevented many Indigenous students from gaining certification to obtain employment. YDM VET projects use the vocational context of the trade as a starting point for mathematics instruction, ensuring that the RAMR pedagogy begins and ends with this context, and activity within the trade is used as the basis for abstracting the mathematical knowledge needed for the trade.

Participants in YDM VET projects receive professional development and resources that relate to contexts of VET courses they are running.


Curent projects

There are no current YDM VET projects. If you are interested in developing a project, please contact us.


Past projects

ARC Linkage VET Skilling Indigenous Australia: 2010–13

This large Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project, LP0989663 Skilling Indigenous Australia: Effective numeracy learning for employment by regional and remote Indigenous students in Vocational Education and Training courses, aimed to develop effective ways to teach Indigenous VET students the mathematics required to successfully complete their course and enhance their employment opportunities in the future.

The project involved the study of mathematics teaching and learning within VET courses in three TAFE colleges and one secondary school (six sites altogether) in Northwest and Far North Queensland. It used the results of these studies to develop, evaluate and refine mathematics teaching and assessment resources for a variety of VET courses, particularly those associated with mining and construction.

The project developed theory about how certificate course teachers teach the mathematics situated within the certificate courses and how Indigenous students come to learn it when it is contextualised to their learning experiences. The project team developed a pedagogical model for teachers to trial with students and teachers critiqued the trial as a way of understanding their current practice and what might need to be strengthened.

The project addressed concerns about both Indigenous unemployment and Indigenous skills shortages by making VET certification and employment attainable for Indigenous students.

Footprints to Pathways – Sustaining Indigenous Employment in Queensland: 2013–14

This project was a collaboration between YDC, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, and BP Australia to develop practical knowledge and understandings about employment practices with regard to the attraction, recruitment, training, retention and tenure of Indigenous people in Queensland. An ARC Linkage application was submitted in 2013 but was unsuccessful.



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